Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The week before Halloween Brett & I carved our pumpkins . . . his is on the left & mine is on the right. Jewels basically just stalked us the entire time, and ended up getting away with some chunks of pumpkin. A few days after we did these, it snowed & they got all demented looking & mine lost some teeth. Here we are on Halloween. Brett has been wanting to get some cuts from the Halloween store & be something really creepy for the last couple of years, so he did that this year. At first he thought he could do it himself but something you should know about Brett, he never follows instructions, like, EVER. So he glued them on & the make-up & camoflauging was left up to me. It took hours! And even I was pretty impressed with how real it looked. Bretts grandma throws a little Halloween party every year so when little trick or treaters would come by they'd just stare and stare at him, I'll admit it was creepy. I was so glad when he washed all that stuff off! As for me & Jewels I made us some tutus, I was a witch, she was supposed to be put before I made her a hat we decided she probably wouldn't wear it anyway. So she ended up being some sort of goth ballerina or something?!Here's the little Fava family, lumberjacks! I thought it was pretty creative & cute! This is the best picture I could get, I think little Nicky was eating a cookie or something. Besides, I found out that night that many kids won't sit still for pictures, especially when hyped-up on sugar & excitement! Puppies too, for that matter.

Here's Brennan, Brett's cousins little boy. Originally he came as Spiderman, his mom painted his face so cute! But this is him in his pjs, running around with a broom & my witch hat. I heard at one point he was sporting an easter basket too, I suppose you could say he was a little holiday challenged that night, lol
After the family party (his grandma is so cute she bakes all these treats & gives everyone goodies. She even thought to make Jewels a little treat bag with doggy treats) Brett, Nick & Elle & I headed to another party. One of Vinny's neighbors throws a huge one every year, this year we decided to go. It was pretty fun!
And here's a belly picture at 15 weeks. I took it at Brett's grandmas house, I swear I am bigger at night, it's not as noticeable in the morning. But as you can see it is coming! I finally schedueled my ultrasound and it's for the Monday before Thanksgiving.
Also, I still haven't tried our new scanner yet, but hopefully I'll have the latest ultrasound picture up soon! It turned out cute, with the baby looking as us right as he took the picture!