Friday, July 30, 2010

Kiera's Blessing

While my family was visiting, Kiera got blessed. My Grandma Kay wanted to plan it all so I let her, she did a fantastic job, Kiera even had her own little blessing program with songs & everything. And invitations! It was June 6th, and she was blessed in the Parowan 3rd Ward church. She did so great! She basically just slept the entire time, such an angel. And she looked so pretty, too! My mom bought her blesing dress, and I just love it. It was actually a size 18 month, but I really liked it so I just got it & altered it. I also made the little white headband. After the blessing we all went outside of course to take TONS of pictures. Then we all headed to Janet's for a little "after party". I made mini cheese cake bites, Janet ordered a cake & sandwhich meats. What a great day!

My Mom & Kiera.

Her dress wouldn't fit in her carseat, so she had to be stripped down naked for the ride to Parowan. Since she'd already been shoved into a stuffy dress and then ripped out of it she was not too happy.

All the family outside the church. So many people came to support little Kiera!

Mommy & Kiera.

My Nona said all this picture is missing is a pair of wings :)

The cake that Janet bought at Lynn's.
Cheese cakes I made.

Our little family. Kiera is just out of it, lol

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Family Visit

The very week after Brett's Aunt came to visit, my family flew in from Florida. My Mom & I are really close, so I love it when they come to visit! This is the second time I've got to see them this year, and hopefully we'll be flying out to Florida a couple of times this year as well.

Kiera & I drove out to Vegas once again, but this time all by ourselves, aren't we so brave? Honestly I just hate driving but I was anxious to see my family & wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. And since they were staying the night in The Vegas who wouldn't want to get some time away in the sun?! Of course tears were shed when we met them in the air port but they were happy tears! It was especially neat because my parents hadn't seen me since I'd had Kiera & they were so, so, SO beyond excited to finally meet her!

We spent the night in Vegas going out to eat (buffet of course) celebrating my both of brothers' June birthdays & well yeah, shopping & pool time! I already forgot the name of the resort but I think it was Village something or other? I'm horrible, I know. It was gorgous though with a beautiful pool area!

The next day we drove back home, Brett had stayed up for us & made beds for everybody (all 5 of them!) and was really just excited to have his two girls back since Kiera hadn't been away from him ever. I almost thought he wouldn't trust me to take his precious little girl to Vegas!

The week was spent with tons of visiting, GREAT food made by my mother (Brett always looks forward to her cuisine!), shopping (they can't help but spoil Kiera & me) and movies. I love my family so much, sometimes it makes me feel crazy enough to move out to Florida!

Kiera was also blessed while they were here, but I'll post a special post for that next!

The last day they were here we went to Pizza Factory to celebrate my two brothers birthdays. Robert turned 18 & Kade 13. So crazy that everyone is growing up so quick! All my sibblings, though all three are younger than me, are all taller than me! I'll have to admit that after having a crazy-frantic-busy household it was kinda depressing for me to come back home without them while they drove to Vegas. I cried a little, I just miss my mom so much! So much so that I talk her ear off everytime I get the chance to call her.

Just a fraction of the things my family brought/bought for baby Kiera. And my parents had already bought Kiera's Eddie Baur pack-n-play AND sent a HUGE package of clothes up to size 2! And they didn't stop buying us things the whole time they were here, the spoil us big time!

Sometimes I end up in the backseat to comfort Kiera & hold her little hand.
Half of the table at Pizza Factory

Left to right: Grandma Kay, Grandpa Bob (who also had a June birthday), Great-Grandpa Dalton & Aunt Melody.

The other half of the table at Pizza Factory

Left to right: Brothers Kade & Robert, Mom, Dad & Kiera, Me & Sister Chelsea
Dad occupying Kiera at Target while we shopped. Kiera actually grew quite attached to him! And I am pretty sure she has his dimples!
Mom, Kade, me & Kiera in the hotel.

Chelsea & Kade near the resort pool.

Kiera by the pool, all bundled & covered so she wouldn't get burnt! I got some cute pictures of her in her suit (just guess who bought it, Nonni Mia of course) but the pictures are all on my phone. She did have Edward hair sticking straight up from me putting sun screen in it though! But then, her hair is always sticking up!
Kade at the pool.

Kade & the birthday suprise I ordered at the Buffet. Robert & him were embarrased & kinda mad I did that! Brothers!
Robert being a pyro with his birthday suprise . . . by the way this buffet had the BEST chocolate cake!!! Sinful!
The boys in the car.
Oh! Little Kiera also got her ears pierced while they were here! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she was already screaming from hunger when we went to the Dr. to get it done, so she barely even noticed. Pretty baby Kiera.
I think we were both just a tad exhausted in this picture, lol thanks for capturing the moment, Mom! :)

Pretty baby smiles, tough to catch on camera but here's our best shot! She reminds me of my Mom in this picture.
Mommy & Kiera.

Also Brett, Kiera & I went to my friends Matt & Mandy's wedding that same week. They were high school sweet hearts, aren't they cute?! And I have to say Kiera was adorable in her little lepord dress! ^

My Dad & Kiera.
Kiera's pretty pierced ears.
Chelsea & Kiera.

Daddy & Kiera.

Kiera & her Nonni Mia.

Chels & Kiera at Target.

Brett's Family Visit/End of May

The last week of May was so super busy for us! Just a recap:

Kiera was taken to her babysitter for the first time so that I could return to work. She was only 6 weeks old. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, I find it so difficult to just trust someone with her for the entire day. Before that, I'd only ever left her once to go to a movie (called "Back-Up Plan" with J-Lo) and the whole time I had worried about her instead of enjoying the movie! Kiera's babysitter is named Heather, she's a super sweet & ultra-organized lady with only one small child of her own (Shamus-2yr.) and less than a handful of children she tends. It was so very hard in the begining but has gotten better. I work 3 12 hour shifts, 6:30 am-7:00pm, not only because it is cheaper for Day Care but it also gives me four whole days with Kiera a week. Brett works five days a week so on the days I work he brings Kiera to Day Care from 8:00am to about 4:30. Sometimes you just have to do what you've got to do, even though of course a thousand times over I'd rather be at home with my Kiera-Kier.

Within the same week of my return to work, Kiera & I went with Janet (Brett's Mom) to Vegas to pick up her sister Dara & niece Kyleigh. They came to celebrate Mathew's high school graduation & also to see Kiera of course! Since they live in Missouri we don't get to see them all that often but it was a real treat!

Which brings me to Matt's graduation. Matt graduated from Cedar high this May! Yay for the class of 2010! Kiera dressed up special in a satin pink & back dress. She was so good the whole time & hardly made a peep besides being hungry. Everyone went to Lupita's (AH YUM!) for dinner afterwards & also there was a huge party the next day at Brett's parent's house.

Left to right, top to bottom: Janet, her mom, Barbara, her sister Dara & her sister Cindy.

Yay Matt!

Our little famly at Lupita's!

Half of the table at Lupita's.

The other half.

This was sort-of meant to be a brothers picture but Brett's Grandpa Malachowski stepped in at last minute to sabatoge!

Matt & his girlfriend Andie.

Random Pictures From Kiera's First Month

She's wearing an outfit that Nona knitted for her, still too big yet gorgeous just the same. Can't wait until this fall when it will fit her.

Kiera with her Great-Great-Aunt Shirley & Great-Great Grandpa Dalton

Great-Aunt Judy, Kiera & Great-Great Grandpa.

Sweet little Kiera.

Kiera sticking her tongue out during the 1 month pictures I was taking.
Perhaps she's thinking,"Mom, stop with the pictures!"
(As always)

One of my favorites, was used for the blessing announcement
that her Great-Grandma Kay made.

Poor, poor baby. It was during the pictures that I realized the reason
that she was acting "cranky" was that she was hungry.

I ended up printing these & some other pictures from Kiera's birth to make "Brag Books" for the gandmas. They turned out pretty cute, and each one had a letter written to the grandma. See Mother's Day post below to see!