Friday, October 30, 2009

Belated Big News

So, I'm going to post this, even though most everyone already knows, via word of mouth & facebook (my mother-in-law was excited & posted it pretty early, so I did the same). In late August, the night before Brett's birthday, we found out we are expecting a little baby in April! April 25th. We weren't really expecting it, and it take some getting used to, but we are so excited! Though it is nerveracking to wait! We hadn't been married quite a year even, but all the same we can't wait! My 10 week appointment was actually the day after our anniversary. It was so amazing to hear that fast little heart(at the time it was 189bpm) and see that little baby moving. Though I must confess that since my mother-in-law & I both work at the hospital we'd snuck 2 ultrasounds already. But this one was special because it looked more like a baby, and we could hear it's little heart together. I can't feel it moving yet, but they say that may come soon. As for sickness, yes I've been sick . . . but I am hoping to get better soon since I'm officially in my second trimester. Haven't gained any weight yet, actually lost about 8-10 pounds, but I'm sure the weight gaining is just around the corner! It's hard to think of gaining so much, but I have to remind myself it's for the baby. Monday I had my 2nd appointment, at 14 weeks, and I was actually lucky enough to get yet another ultrasound. And, the baby's heartbeat has slowed down quite a bit (which it's suppossed to by now) to 149bpm. Dr. Gatherum winked & said that's a boys heartbeat, I looked it up & it said above 140 is girl below is boy . . . we shall see! Janet (Brett's mom) came with me to this one to hear the heart, and during the ultrasound she asked if we could even see what the sex was. The baby has grown so much! I will post the newest picture as soon as I can figure out how to work our new scanner. Anyway, the doctor tried to see "the goods" but the baby had it's legs indian style and wouldn't open up! From what the Dr. saw he said it maybe, might look kinda boyish but not to buy clothes 'cause he can't tell. I looked that up too & it says boys & girls look the same at this stage, basically, so again we shall see! We are excited for whichever! Although Brett's mom has all boys so a lot of people are thinking that's what it'll be . . . but Brett & I can't agree on any boy names so I guess we better start trying harder! I get to really find out about 3 weeks from Sunday. Also, I am as of like this week, starting to get a little belly. It happens so fast, one day Brett just says, "Holy Crap it's bigger!" Yeah, thanks honey. My mom always said she didn't start showing until about 6 months, apparently not me. It's not too obvious yet with clothes, I still fit into all of my stuff, but by the time winter really hits I'm sure it'll be more obvious! Speaking of winter I hate driving in snow, hate being cold, yet love snow at the same time. I was excited for the snow this week! And I am so excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

First Anniversary

Last month, September 27th, was our first anniversary! A lot has happened in the past year, and it was a great first year. Our anniversary fell on a Sunday this year, so Friday night we celebrated. We ate at the Ninja, so yummy! The little boy sitting at our table was playing with his silverware, trying to be like the chef! Then we did something kinda childish & went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3d. Cute movie. Our anniversary present to ourselves was a new washer & dryer, we went & picked them out on Saturday. Our first house already had a washer & dyer, and in this new townhome we had a lovely wash room but no washer & dryer! So it was time to get a set! Sunday Brett's mom invited us over to her house for dinner to celebrate with family. They bought us a cake, as shown above. We also had our top teir from our wedding cake that had been frozzen ever since. Somehow, it wasn't as cute as a year ago, but still moist! We each ate a piece at home & then just threw the rest away, the fact that it was a year old didn't make me want to eat much of it! All in all a great year & we're looking forward to whatever comes next!

Didn't realize this picture was blurry, but it's the only one like it so oh well!

Unwrapping the top teir, which my father-in-law Chris wrapped to withstand a bombing, I swear! It was under layers & layers of plastic wrap & aluminum foil, he wasn't messing around! Pretty sure no air got in there!