Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Updates/Birthday

Brett & I went to a family friend's baby's first birthday on Sunday. Oh my goodness he is so sweet & cute! So chubby! We got him a little leap frog musical letters counting drum thing and he seemed to like it & everything else! Including the cake he had a ball! Was trying to share it with grandma & daddy while mom stayed back to stay clean! I know we're not married yet but when I see the babies I just melt and say to Brett "we're going to have on eof those someday, huh?" Don't worry though not for a couple of years! However I do say the same thing whenever I see puppies in the Wal-Mart parking lot and Brett literally has to drag me away. And then we realize I have to put the puppy down! lol!

Well what can I say wedding plans are in swing, not quite full swing yet, though! We just got our invitations in the mail & it took me literally two hours just to assemble 23 of them. No joke. But I'm excited & think they're way cute!

My second bridal shower is this Saturday. A couple of friends threw one for me a couple months ago and now this one is being thrown by Brett's Grandma Malachowski. And just so you know that will soon be my last name! Can I just tell you that his grandma is TOO sweet?! She's pretty much been planning this showe since we got engaged in January. She's been doing everything from crocheting (sp?) wedding and bridesmaids dresses for dolls to making mini glass swan favors filled with candy. She's even putting a picture of us on the cake! I'm not entirely sure what all she has planned for Saturday but I'm most excited! Brett must be a favorite (jk!) or something because she spoils me too much, I mean hello she got me a sewing machine for an engagement present! I just love her!

So, update on my ring for those of you who are wondering. It's been gone for about a month and half, I think. What happened pretty much much sucks. There had been a few problems with it like diamonds poping out and a loose prong. I felt like I was always bothering the jewlery people to fix something or other! Anyway, the day before we were suppossed to go & get bridals & engagements I look down and notice that a prong is broken in half!!! Needless to say I could not go & have bridals taken without it so Brett took it in after we got back. They said, first of all, that the other girl that has my same ring has been having problems too! That they talked to the company that made it & they said that the rings had been made from a plastic mold & apparently you can only make so many rings from a plastic mold before they start turning out bad. Also the company/designer looked at the ring & realized that the ring had bad diamonds in it too! I had noticed the side diamonds looking dark sometimes but thought I just didn't take care to clean it enough! Nope! I guess that the company said that they had been buying diamonds from this certain guy for like 10 years so they stopped checking the quality of diamonds. Turns out that the guy sold them some diamonds & told them they were better quality than they were! So anyway they are making me a completely new ring. I have been waiting and waiting & after all this time I decided to go in & ask when my ring would be finished & shipped. They said this week! I am so happy! I miss it! It was getting awkward because people would be like "We heard you were en . . . . " and then glance and my ring finger and stop. And then I'd have to be like, "Oh! Yeah, we're engaged, my ring is broke . . ." and then they're like, "Oh, we just weren't ure if it was official or not . . . under the radar . . ." SO I am so excited cause I felt dumb! Maybe Brett will have to propose again since it is a brand new ring!

Um . . . flower girl dresses ! Well I've been very bad with that! I have only made one & not even put the zipper in yet! But I think it is cute! I am just praying it will fit her & not look silly!

Brett's mom has offered to pay some guy to do our wedding slide . . . the one with baby pictures. It costs 250! Expensive if you ask me but it's way kind of her & it takes the stress off of us trying to make one or pay someone. Even though it is not rocket science it gives me one less thing to worry about. I'm grateful that she's helping us! Whew!

OH! Yeah my 21 first birthday is tommorow! Acutually less than an hour from now since it's past 11! I'm excited! I know I say that a lot! I have to go & get a new licsence because mine expires tommorow. I wish there were more you could do than buy alcohol or gamble. But it is fun to be older! And I think I can buy dry ice now? Not sure!

I drive by our soon to be first home every chance I get. I hope the kids that live there right now don't think I'm stalkng but I am so enthusiastic about making our first little home together! It has a yard, is small but cute! Let's just hope I don't make the kids that are there feel awkward . . . I don't think they notice, and it's not like I'm peaking the windows but it's still kinda funny. I wonder if once we move in I'll just drive by & look at it wistfully because that's waht I'm used to doing. Ha ha . . .

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Oh, and in case you're wondering as to what our URL is reffering to (subzerohottubbin) it's beacuse when Brett & were first dating we'd always go hot tubbin! In subzero January whether. Give credit where it's due, Brett came up with the snazzy name!

Intro/dating history/wedding plans/house

So, I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing. But it seems like a good way to document life & the new chapters to come! So, where to start?

Well, my name is Shae ha ha this feels like an alcoholics annon. meeting. Anyway, I'm 20, soon to be 21 on the 23 of this month, I work at a local Home Decor store, and job number 2 is at a Bridal Store, oh, and I'm engaged. His last name is "Malachowski", try saying that three times fast! I was trying to tech my little cousins how to say & spell it, and we came up with "Malibu Cows Can Ski" haha what a riot! Brett & I are just so excited to finally "tie the knot"! Even though planning the dang wedding thing gets WAY frustrating at times! I pretty much just wish it had already happened & we were living in our own little house now. Oh, but I suppose it will happen soon enough! September 27, to be exact!

Brett & I met in January of 07 and were engaged nearly a year later! And no, there were no break ups in that time! However, about 3 weeks after we met, we had to face the reality that BRett would be leaving for school. He was leaving for California, and I was to be stuck in Utah. Now, I know that seems like such an incredibly short time to date someone, and I'm NOT saying we were head over heels, yet. But have you ever been at the fork, the crossroad, where you can see yourself possibly ending up with that person? That's where we were, and I knew if he moved to cali & I stayed put we would've never found out. I just wanted the chance to date him longer and see what was what. To have an adventure. So, Brett left for Cali and I stayed home. Coincidently, I was in the process of looking for a new job. It was winter, the start of a new semester at the local college, and practically all of the jobs were taken! I would apply places day after day to no avail. I was working at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center, 45 miles away from my town, and the hours were getting cut. I had worked there a year a nd half, and was sick of it. Plus, I'm a pretty skiddish driver & the commute through a place called "the black ridge" in a snow storm was not good! So, anyway, considering all of these circumstances, I decided to look for jobs in California. Brett & I were talking night & day, every spare minute. I later found out that while he was traveling to California, he had this terrible gut feeling, and wanted to be near me. Don't make fun! It's not cheesey! So I started researching possible jobs & apartments. Then my friend, Mandy suggested nannying. Long story short I found a family with triplets that needed someone pronto, so I moved out there! I was 20 minutes from Brett. And I'll have you know that I turned down a beachfront family in Malibu, just to closer to Brett! Brett was in Sacramento. So, We dated in Cali for a while. More on that later, just wanted to brief you on the craziness that I traveled miles and miles to be near someone I didn't know perfectly yet, for the sake of further getting to know. But look, we've lasted a year & a half now, and are engaged! Exciting stuff! You just never know . . .

Back to the wedding plans. The reception place is booked, the wedding site booked, the photographer planned, we've got the dress, cake & flowers, sparklers are bought (ohhh doesn't sound liek a wedding thing, I know . . . but it's going to be awesome! It's our ceremony send off!) . . . oh, and we finally found someone to marry us! It's Judge Eaves & he supposedly does a good job so, there's some stress lifted off! We recently went to Thanksgiving Point to get engagement pictures & bridals done, but more on that later. Just barely made the attempt at booking the DJ today. Exciting. We ordered invitations, garters, and the bridesmaids heave their dresses. I'm in the process of sewing flowergirl & junior bridesmaids dresses, wish me luck I have no idea how or why I get myself into these projects! Seems all that's left to plan/buy is centerpieces. And no, I'm not doing fish, for all of you crazy people that go on abou the cruelness thereof. These things all get so expensive though, really. For all of you un-married folk . . . perhaps you should consider eloping. It stresses me sometimes, for instance at my other job today I was calculating each months earnings and bills, I only hope I can act like a sane normal person after this . . . then again, was I ever that way? lol

Ohhhh so Brett & I found a house to rent. It's kinda a long story but here goes . . .
We were starting to get worried about finding a place, and since we live in a college town we knew we couldn't wiat until September. So we started looking but already landlords were gettting calls from the college kids . . . annoying! They seemed to be beating us to everything! So we finally found this condo. I have to admit I was not excited about it. It was kinda dumpy looking, and BROWN. But I just kept telling myself "it's our first place, it's not forever", and besides, the inside was nice with new carpet. Still though, the backyard was the size of a postage stamp & rent was going to be $695 every month until September! But we were desperate, and didn't want to end up living with mom and dad so we gave the guy a deposit (he kept telling us how so many people were calling him on it & how he'd "try to hold them off"). Well, he cashes our deposit & proceeds to go up to fish lake, where there is no reception for cell phones! While he's gone someone tells us about another house for sale. An actual house in a neighborhood (of retired people, mind you lol) with two bedrooms and a fireplace. I decided to go talk to the guy because I kept getting this sick feeling about the condo. Turns out that the situation with the house is perfect for us. There were two girls living in the basement (the house is split into two apartments, really, upstairs and downstairs) and one girl wanted to leave for the summer. SO she sold her contract to her roomates brother. He moved in. Turns out that the girl who moved out didn't like her little summer juant, so she came back. It just so happens that the upstairs was available at that time, so she moved into one of the rooms. The contracts end mid August, and at that point the brother will be moving out & the upstairs girl will move downstairs. Works out perfect for us because we'll be paying just $175 a month intil September, and then full rent will start & we'll move into the top part of the house. So much better than having to pay $695, when we're already paying for the wedding! The only downside is that the condo guy is not being too nice about giving our deposit back, which suck because supposedly he had so many interested people & we didn't even sign anything. Oh well we'll save money in the long run. the house is small but cute, made of brick, with a fireplace, a breakfast nook & virtually no closet space. It also has a crack in the wal bathroom, which Brett was worried about, but we're only two people & don't need too much space! He was also the one terribly worried about the closets. There are three or so, they're just old & small. What a girl he is to be so worried about bathrooms & closet space! Another neat thing about this place is that I can have a puppy. I cannot wait, everytime we go to Wal-Mart & someone's trying to pawn off puppies in the parking lot, I have to stop and "ohh and ahhh" and hold them. Brett literally has to drag me away while I beg "to please have one for my birthday". I am also excited to paint the inside of the house, fun times to come! Anyhow I better be getting of this machine, I am starting to feel light headed from staring at the glowing screen! I'll try to post pictures of the house & our engagements soon!