Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting ready . . .

For our baby girl! She'll be here in about 3 months! Time is flying by! I went to the doctor today and I guess everything is still looking good. She's getting stronger and seems to be moving a lot more now, though when I'm at work not as much (they say your constant motion lulls them to sleep). This was my last Dr. appointment in my second trimester! In fact, this Sunday I'll be in my third! I can't believe it! Since I haven't been sick for the past couple months I'm feeling pretty good, just getting bigger & def. actually "feeling pregnant". I've been starting to get even more tired & hungry lately, which is normal. I can't really reach my toes anymore though, it hurts too much! So today I went & got gel toes :) however, I won't torture you with a picture of my toes.

We're not really telling anyone any names we're thinking of, it's going to have to be a surprise! We haven't decided on "the one" though.

We'll be getting our crib soon it's a chocolate brown, and I just ordered the bedding. Originally I was going to do a black & pink nursery, but I couldn't find any bedding I liked that wasn't WAY expensive. I was considering making my own, but since I work full time Brett didn't want me getting stressed (I can be a perfectionist). I seriously have seen EVERY KIND of bedding. I googled & searched for hours on end. So I just decided to change the colors to pink & brown. Brett doesn't understand my pickiness, his only preference was that we didn't get a white crib. Here's a pic of the bedding that's coming this week:

And here's the picture of my diaper bag I bought when we were in Cali for New Years:

And . . . I have been crafting a little lately. I just love the projects you can find on blogs now-a-days! And I have so many more I want to try, I just have to pace myself so I don't get overwhelmed. Brett says I need an allowance just for my crafts. Whatever :) Here's a wet wipe case cover I made today.I think it matches my diaper bag close enough, I love these I'm pretty excited! I'm also making a daper clutch to match it. OH, and since there are 3 other preg girls I work with (we're all due within 2 months of each other, and Brett's cousin Brandon's wife is due any day, I am making 4 more wet wipe cases & diaper clutches. I bought all the material today. Let the fun begin . . .

This weekend I also made these beaded binky clips. I made two for myself & 2 others fo gifts. I love them :). I think she (our baby) needs one in every color, but like I said I'm pacing myself. Brett can only stand me going to the craft store so much :)

Oh, and I bought my first package of diapers today, so I could put a few in each of the diaper clutches I'm giving as gifts. It was so weird! Also, I demonstrated to Brett how to change a diaper using a sock monkey as our "baby". He wouldn't try, he says he'll just try with "the real thing". We shall see.

Anyhow that's what I've been up to lately! 13 & 1/2 more weeks to go!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So I've been a major procrasinator with my blog this year. So I really liked how some people have done a "year in review" with pitures & captions. We had a lot of fun in 2009, a lot of changes too & are looking forward to 2010 with all it brings, especially our new little girl!

In January we rang in the new year with my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Rob & their kids in Springville . . .

We celebrated Radeza's Birthday,

In February we got the Nintendo Wii . . .

I spent time baking cookies (and throughout the year)

We baked tons of Valentines cupcakes for our family & friends. Brett really took his artistic time!

I had to work Valentines so Brett suprised me with a "romantic" dinner. Heart shaped grilled cheese & spaghettios!

In March we treked down to Las Vegas for Monster Jam . . .

In April we celebrated Grandma Kay's & Aunt Melody's birthdays . . .

And everyone at the party randomly wanted to try Brett's weights . . .

We celebrated Easter & got a bowl of goodies from Grandma Malachowski . . .

We welcomed puppy Jewels into the family as my "Easter Present". But Brett has fallen in love with her too!

Throughout the year I got to babysit my cousin, Alanna. We had Littlelest Pet Shop playdates with Sam . . .

And baking parties too!

Throughout much of the year I spent time baking cakes & later taking some cake classes.

In June we went to Cali for a Dodgers game & had the official "Dodger Dogs" . . .
In July we celebrated me 22nd Birthday, camped with friends Chan & Levi, went to parades. . .

We said goodbye to our first home together . . .

And hello to a new home

And I got a new job at the hospital.

In August we celebrated Brett's 21st birthday at Brunos with family, and then headed to Mesquite with Jer & Des.

We also found out we were expecting ou first little baby!

In September Brett & I celebrated our First Anniversary

In October we dressed up spooky & headed to Grandma Malachowski's for her annual "party" and later hit up another Halloween party with Nick & Elle. We also enjoyed the luxury of not having to rake leaves anymore

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with Brett's family. And I drove everyone crazy at work with my Christmas cheer & music

And we found out that our little baby is a girl!

And in December we decorated our new home for the holidays & traveled to spend the holidays with family!

New Years

So Santa was amazing & brought Brett's family really really great tickets to the Lakers game New Years Day (along with other fun stuff like a Playstation 3). Since we hadn't seen Brett's Grandma Barbara since Thanksgiving & spent Christmas with my family we tagged along to Cali.
New Years Eve, after we drove in, we all went to On The Border and then watched "Up". We watched the ball drop in New York (New York Time) and I guess everyone was way tired because we were all out before midnight. We woke up to plenty of racket outside though when everyone else in the neighborhood started celebrating outside!

Friday Brett's Grandma made us a huge breakfast (which is her thing, she loves to make breakfast!) and we got to shop! I so wish we had amazing malls near us :). And I finally found my diaper bag! It's way cute, pink & brown damask. Will post a picture later.
Brett's best friend, Dean, (who was also his best man) moved to Cali after high school. So he came to visit for a little bit while Brett's family went to the game. Brett's Grandma made us dinner & we had fun teaching her to play Scattergories. We even watched some of the game on TV it was really close! But of course the Lakers won! Brett's grandma Barbara also made us chocolate chip cookies which my fat butt so needed.
We came home to a still traumatized Jewels on Saturday. No we didn't leave her completely alone, Brett's Grandma & Grandpa checked on her.

We had a great time during the holidays but it's good to be back home & relax a little. Well, as much as you can relax with work anyway!

Christmas Season

Well we were really busy this holiday season! So I totally slacked with the blogging. Better late then never though, right?

Mathew's (Brett's younger brother) birthday is December 23. So that night we went to celebrate. It was the big 1-8! Apparently what he needed was boxers, so we got him that & a gas card. His big gift from his parents was a weight set (Brett took the other one when he moved out).

Mmmmmm & we had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Here's some pictures of how our house looked this season. I should say looks because I still haven't taken Christmas down!
Our green & red tree. This year we added a Grinch ornament & one from
Brett's Grandma Barbara.
Our very first Christmas together (when we were dating) I got Brett
a model train. He loves it & basically doesn't stop messing with it day in & day out. Our dog, Jewels, was a little afriad of it at first, but she got use to it.

Jewels in one of my childhood stockings. She's a pretty tolerant puppy.

See what I mean?

This year my Aunt Lisa & Uncle Rob invited everyon up for Christmas. So the Sunday before Brett & I had our own little Christmas together. I got him a much needed new coat from Billabong, tools for around the house & his tool box, The Hangover (except he pretty much ruined that because before I could get it for him he kept insisting we go buy it), clothes, & the new Mario game for the Wii. He got me a few pajama sets & a robe from Victoria's Secret, clothes, bath gel & perfume & lotion, Wii Fit Plus. We also got ourselves some new movies. Jewels got treats & a charm for her collar.
Brett's grandparents really spoiled us that week too, they brought over a ton of gifts & even remembered Jewels & the new baby. Brett's parents also got us some nice gifts . . . clothes, towels, a gift certificate to get belly pictures done, gift card for groceries & a new family Willow tree figurine. And they got Brett some new weights so he can work on getting even stronger :). Brett's Grandma Barbara sent us a new ornament & Chillis giftcards.
Tuesday I was on call all night but got a head start on baking. The plan was to make several cookies for everyone & put them in cookie jars with a game. Sounds easy but I was baking all night Tuesday (just hoping my pager didn't go off), making stocking stuffers for work, Dr. appointment Wednesday morning & baking the rest of the day. Turns out I chose some complicated cookies but I got it done! They turned out way cute but I didn't get any pictures :( I made rugelach, pinwheels, oreo truffels, mexican wedding cookies & raspberry filled square cookies. I didn't get to try any of them, but made Brett taste test one of each!
Thursday morning we said goodbye to Jewels & headed up North for Springville. Not everyone could make it this year, my parents being in Florida & others had to work. But Brett, me & my grandparents enjoyed spending Christmas with the Davis'. When we got there of course all the kids ran out to greet us, they are so sweet.

My cousins Morgan (left) & Taylor at Christmas Eve dinner. Morgan is 10 & Taylor is 5. Dinner was so yummy. Ham, "funeral potatoes" and this really delicious chinese cabbage salad that I'm going to have to try & make!

My Aunt Lisa & Christian (who's 8).
Me (pregnant as ever), Brett, my Grandma Kay & Grandpa Bob.
Tradition in the Davis household is to have a talent show Christmas Eve. You can do anything as long as it pertains to the Savior or Christmas in general. We didn't know this, and the rule is everyone has to participate! So we got to read a picture book called The Three Trees. Such a wonderful story! The kids played the piano, along with Grandma Kay, and Taylor held up pictures as the nativity story was read. Uncle Rob even played the guitar. Tradition in their house is also to open ALL of their presents Christmas Eve. (and Santa comes the next morning). My parents even sent our Christmas package there. We were spoiled as ever, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Rob got me the Deluxe Magic Bullet blender, a crepe maker and Brett got an airsoft pellet pistol. Grandma Kay & Grandpa Bob got us two hking backpacks for 72 hour kits, and my parents sent goodies for everyone, clothes, oranges, a watch for Brett & baby stuff.

We stayed up pretty late that night ;). Christmas morning the kids actually didn't bother anyone until about 8 or 9 I thought we had missed Christmas! They got so many fun books, games, clothes ect. We also made crepes with all the fixings & just relaxed enjoying each other and our gifts. Santa left candy, joranges, jerky & more Chillis giftcards in our stockings!
My Grandpa Bob is quite the coin collector. He even has books for us kids that he's always adding too. Needless to say Santa knows this & left him & Grandma huge jars of coins in their stockings. Grandpa kept trying to steal Grandma's jar, insisting that she got a camera so it was okay. I believe this picture was taken after he got caught in the act.
Morgan asked Santa for a dollhouse this year. Of course Santa delivered, isn't it great? I had one very similar to this when I was little & truly loved it. Here's Morgan & Kayla (who's 12) in front of it. They spent the day looking for scraps and little things to make the dollhouse homey.
Brett & I with Taylor & one of her drawing boards.
Aunt Lisa with her Santa presents.
Christmas night we went with Rob, Lisa & the kids to see the new Chipmunks movie. The kids loved it, it was a cute little movie. We followed it up with delicious Chinese food. A little unorthodox, and new to us all, but very fun & yummy. Our waiter was Italian, um, "special" and kept trying to use Chinese lingo with us lol.
We had so much fun it was great to spend Christmas with family. Hopefully another year everyone (my family, my Aunt Mel, Uncle Joe, Uncle Stan, Radeza & Alana) will be able to be together for the holidays. Rob & Lisa were so generous & kind to open their home & make everyone's Christmas wonderful.
Saturday before we headed back to Southern Utah we went up to Taylorsville to visit my Great Grandpa. He actually lives in Parowan, but had a big fall a couple of months ago & was in the hospital up North for a while. He's staying with my Aunt Judy right now. He seems to be doing pretty good, it was good to finally get to see him. I love him & I know it's hard for him since my Great Grandma passed away a few years ago. He is so excited for our baby, it'll be his first great-great. Aunt Judy was actually having a familybreakfast and was kind enough to let us crash it. We enjoyed more crepes, breakfast casserole & burrittos before we hit the road once again. I even got to see my cousin Josh, who I was always close to growing up.
All in all a wonderful Christmas for us! Jewels was SO glad to have us home, though a little traumatized! It's strange that next year will be SO different, as a family of three instead of two & a dog. Our baby girl will be 8 months old!