Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fall, Fall, Snow?

Just some Fall pictures from '08. And no I am not confusing the seasons we actually did get a snow storm in October, which is actually normal for Utah. I guess you could say it was our welcome back from sunny Florida. At least we got some good use out of our fireplace! Don't mind Brett's boxer shot, I wanted a picture of our rental house in the snow . . .

What a god hubby, choppin' the wood.

My awesome witch I had to get at Bullochs, she has strippy socks too! And this is what happens when you are not too adamant about racking up all of your leaves . . . a life size amount! And PS I did it help with this, in fact I initiated it just for the record for the pics don't show it :)

Halloween 2008

Sweeny Todd & Mrs. Lovett

Little baby Nicky, ain't he cute?! Chubby little guy!

So this one is from last year . . . I sewed the costumes but come to find out there aren't any pics on the computer of them . . . just this bad one! Will find a better one later . . . check out my sick wig!

Sewing away . . .

So I always seem to give myself huge projects, and every Halloween it is costumes for Brett & me. Last year it was Jasmine & Aladdin I made the costumes at his Grandma's house due to lack of sewing machine, and they are so sweet they bought me one! This year I had to compromise with Brett & be something "creepy" and not so cutsey so we went with the dark Sweeney Todd. Also sewed these costumes, this time from the comfort of my home! But I had to do it quickly because we got home from our Hooneymoon right before! Halloween Brett's cute Grandma Camille always has a little party for all of the relatives & she makes all sorts of goodies! It is so fun to see all the kids in their costumes! Here's some pics!