Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was this year! Brett made me breakfast & bought me a new pot for cooking & the sweetest card. Later that day we were invited over to Brett's parent's house for dinner, it was a good day!

Sleeping angel.

Kiera with her Grandma Janet on Mother's Day . . . Kiera pretty much slept the entire time!

I made both of the Grandmas a Brag Book, with pictures of Kiera and room to add more.
The book for Janet had a sweet little not from Brett.

Janet & her boys. Brett, would it kill ya to smile for pics?!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 Months Old

My Kiera,
Kiera, your mommy is a slacker sometimes, I meant to write you every month, but I suppose I'll just have to do better from here on out.

Kiera, you are such a beautiful, special baby & we love you so very much with each passing day more & more. We love you more than anyone could imagine, an you are starting to notice us more, too!

Just these past few weeks you have become more & more animated, you are smiling all the time now (though we get very, very serious, thinking looks from you often as well). You have even tried laughing a little bit, it comes out in little gasp-like shrieks! So very cute! We love playing & watching everything you do, and all the rest of your family does too!

Everyone (Us, Grandma Janet & Grandpa Chris, Nanna Mia & Grandpa Rob, your great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc) is always loving on you! You're such a sweet baby. And so little too! But you are growing more everyday, just a little bit petite :)

You are so good with tummy time, we always joke that you will be crawling before you can pick your head up because while you work you neck muscles, you also push your arms & legs tons! So smart & strong! Speaking of legs, when you get excited or frustrated you kick one leg or the other over & over. You did this all the time in Mommy's tummy too, it's amazing to actually see you doing it! Kiera, I love you so much & miss you every single minute I'm away. All I want to do is cuddle & play with you all day long like we did before Mommy had to go back to work. But we still have tons of time to do that still. We love spending time as a little family, going on walks, napping, even movies! And of course family events.

The last two weeks have been SO busy for you. Between meeting all of Daddy's family & the next week Mommy's (Nanna Mia, Grandpa Rob, Kids & Aunts & Uncles! Always remember they love you too & spoil you every chance!) you have been held lots!

Despite all of your new encounouters, you still remain pretty attached to me. And I love it :) I don't really care (yet ;)) if I don't get anything done, I love that you for me to hold you and tha you love to sleep with me -sometimes-. There are times when you & I just need to cuddle each other. You grab onto my hair and snuggle in :)

And your Daddy loves you so much too. Kiera, you have truly stolen his heart. He is very protective of you. You've really got the best, funnest Daddy. He is already so proud of you Kiera, I sincrely hope that you two always stay this close. He enjoys feeding you when I'm not around, never complains about diapers, dresses you for the babyitter, and as of late give baths without Mommy's help, and LOVES to carry you around & play.

We just got you a swing a couple weeks ago, but you'll only go in it when you're very calm & not in too clingy a mood ;) Your facial expressions are priceless at this age as you try so hard to focus & figure things out.

You are the most beautiful baby, everybody says so, even the Dr.s! You change more & more everyday, it's tough to keep up. I know I will look back & miss these times.

Just last week I took you to Vegas with me to pick up Nanna Mia , Grandpa Rob & your Aunt & Uncles. You were an angel, and even got a swimsuit to fit you! Though you mostly stayed covered under a hat & towel all day. When we got back (two day trip) Daddy swore you had changed while away. He really missed us!

Oh, and you got your ears pierced last week too! You were already screaming with hunger before we even walked in the Dr.'s office though, so it's hard to say if you even felt the pricks! The Dr. said you are growing just right on your own little curve. Which makes me feel better because you don't always seem to be the biggest eater, but you eat just what you need! When you got your shots you were a little grouchy the remainder of the day, and seemed to hurt. I felt so bad.

Kiera, you're good baby & only cry when you need things (even if needing something is just Mommy or Daddy's company) or when your tummy hurts. Reading is another activity you enjoy, oh, and you love cooing at us & your "friends" (the animals on your mobile). In fact, I think the first time we heard you really coo was at your mobile! And your first laugh (aside from those in your sleep) was at Mommy when she got home from work this week! Nicknames we have for you so far are: Kiera-Kier, Monkey, Kiera-Bean. You don't enjoy being put in your car seat but calm down when we actually get driving in the car. You always try to hold your own bottles & pacifiers, you're getting there! You gre out of your newborn diapers & sleepers a few weeks ago, getting to be such a big girl (length-wise!).

Last Sunday we had you blessed in the Parowan 3rd ward church. So many people were there to support you, Kiera. Everyone thinkis you are just perfect. And Great-Grandma Kay organized a special meeting just for your blessing, complete with programs. Grandma Janet & Nanna Mia threw you a wonderful party after.

Oh, and Daddy didn't believe me for the longest time but now everyone knows . . . you will mimic us when we stick our tongues out at you! And sometimes you will stick your tongue out when we kiss you too! We love you so much, wish you could always stay this tiny but know you've got to grow up! Besides, Daddy is excited to show you how to play new games & talk to you someday!


Mommy & Daddy