Monday, February 15, 2010


Sadly, we didn't even get any pictures of Valentines this year. But we had a bunch of fun! Friday night we were going to go & see "Valetines Day" but Brett came home saying it actually looked cheesey & I was feeling just way way tired so we opted to stay in. We went to Papa Murphy's & got a heart shaped pizza, since his mom usually did that every year with him & his brothers. Then we just snacked on candy and watched "Couples Retreat". We also exchanged gifts that day. I just got him some candy, a cd and other fun stuff. Usually I go all out (i.e. homemade gifts, suprise dinner, fondue) but I just didn't get to it this year. Kinda sad, I'll make it up next year! And he was so sweet. Last year he forgot to get me a card, so this year he spent a lot of time picking out a REALLY sweet sentimental one, I cried. And he was so excited to give it to me too. He got me candy & "Time Travelers Wife".

Saturday we went and got our Bountiful Baskets. Ever heard of it?! It's crazy you pay $15 & you get TONS of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here's a picture of what we got in our basket a couple of weeks ago:

All for $15!!! I think it works because they get all of us to "contribute" the fifteen bucks & are able to buy more produce for less? What you get in your basket is different every week, for example we got stuff like two huge butternut squashes, corn on the cob, strawberries, pineapple etc this week. We also tried out the bread (5 loaves for $1o) it is so amazing. I love homemade bread, delicious. They do it about once a week or every other week, they've got locations all over Utah & I think Arizona too. It's

After we picked up our basket we headed to St. George. We bought the baby some clothes, and me a few maternity shirts. (for Christmas Janet bought us a gift certificate to get belly pictures done as a "first family portrait", which we're taking on Wednesday). Then we headed to Red Lobster & proceeded to wait over an hour for dinner. But it was SO good. I filled up so much on salad & rolls that I didn't eat too much of my stuff, but Brett did & we took the rest home. I also got heartburn for the first time in my life, doesn't that mean the baby'll have a lot of hair?! Wive's Tale right? Lobster, shrimp, scallops ect. YUM

Brett's Grandma Camille is always such a sweetheart, especially around the holidays. We get a card for just about EVERY holiday, even St. Patricks! For Valentines she got us this:

It's a cute little heart-shaped plate with M&M's, pink chocolate chip pancake mix & syrup. So Sunday morning Brett got up & made me pancakes. So sweet :). That night we ended up going to see "Wolfman" kinda gory but pretty good. Just a classic scary movie, it's based on the orinal black & white "Wolfman" movie you usually watch around Halloween. Not the most romantic but the rest of the weekend was. Not to mention I changed positions during the movie about a half million times, she decided it'd be fun to jostle, tickle and move around not to mention everything's shoved up in my ribs :)

OHHH Sunday we also ordered the baby's crib (Thanks Janet!) it's going to be here this week! I'm so excited, we've got her bedding already & it starts to feel a little more real each day. It'll be so strange to have a crib set up in there, but so fun! Her room won't be so random anymore :)

That's all for now I hope everyone had as great a weekend as us!