Friday, April 23, 2010

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kiera Leona Malachowski

Well, I suppose we've got some pretty big news! Miss Kiera Leona was born last Saturday! April 10, 2010 at 9:06 pm. She weighed 6lbs 12 oz and came 15 days early. Here's our story:

Friday night Brett & watched some movies & went to bed, I kinda wanted her to come a little early, because I was so excited to finally meet her & honestly scared of going past my due date & having a huge baby! But I didn't think she'd actually come . . . Wednesday I went to my Dr. appointment and was still at a one. I'd had contractions that were on & off, not to mention pre-pre-term labor at 32 weeks (which was scary & awful, didn't want her that early! They stopped it though! I also had to go on bed rest for 5 days & when I went back to work was on light duty for several weeks). So after my 37 week appointment I was feeling kinda bumbed, I was just hoping I would be a little more dialated when she did decide to come. That whole week (and the week before?) I could feel that she'd dropped. All that pressure & weight kinda hurt! Anyhow, we went to bed without a clue as to how we were about to spend our Saturday . . .

At quarter to 5 I woke up, thinking maybe my water had broken. I wasn't sure though because
it was very very little. Thinking maybe I just peed my pants, I cleaned up & went back to bed. Then I felt a little something more, so I got up once again . . . lots of liquid came out in the toilet . . . yet still I questioned myself. I think because I had been to OB already a few times for contractions that I couldn't believe my water had actually broke. I turned the light on and went searching for pads (they say if you soak through one in an hour . . .) and woke Brett up in the process. Then I noticed the not so small wet spot on the bed . . . by this time I was pretty sure it was time to go to the hospital! We didn't even have our bag packed. So I got ready while Brett rested a little more, all the while soaking through pads (sorry for the details!). Once Brett was finally awake I changed the sheets while he showered. Then I remembered they don't let you eat once you're admitted to labor & delivery. So I called them & asked if I could eat breakfast before I came. The nurse told me I could (my Dr. was actually right there and she told me later that he said, "Don't tell them they can eat! What if they needed a C-Section?") It was about 8 am when we finally got to the hospital (partially because I went back to bed twice thinking my water wasn't actually broken). We walked into OB and Dr. Gatherum was actually already there. They showed us to a room & checked my water . . . yup it had broke, no doubt about it! But I was still only dialated to a 1+. I had contractions but they weren't all that regualr yet and were way far apart. Dr. Gatherum said, "Yeah, we'll keep you!" And we knew we were having a baby that day :)

They gave me a pill to disolve in my mouth that is supposed to rippen your cervix. If I remember right after a few hours I was dialated to a 3. But it stopped there. I stayed at a 3 for a while. The nurse thought the baby was probably sunny-side up, like her face was faced up towards my belly rather than my back. She said a lot of times when that happens you get stuck at a certain number. Oh, and we had called our parents & my grandma so Janet was there. Initially I just wanted it to be me & Brett, but I knew everyone was excited so we called everyone & let people in the room, so long as they promised to get out before it was time to push. My contractions were getting pretty intense by now, and Brett was doing a great job helping me through them. We used a hot pad & I just held onto him lol. About the meanest thing I did during labor was slap Brett's arm when he tried to pry my hurting death grasp off of his arm. He's a real trooper!

Since I was at a 3+, Dr. Gatherum said I could have my epidural. The anesthesiologist took a while to get there though! And Dr. Gatherum had also said to start pitocin. It was started, but lower so my contractions wouldn't get too bad before my epidural. I was so scared to get my epidural, not knowing just how bad it was going to hurt! One of my friends was stabed about 6 times (so she says) and said it killed. My contractions hurt worse than the epidural! It wasn't even bad. However, I had asked Janet to leave while I got it, but right in the middle my grandma came in the room! I said,"I don't want anyone in here right now!" But she didn't listen & proceeded to ask the nurse how far dialated & efaced I was etc. while they tried to tell her we'd be finished soon but to get out. But she didn't. Anyhow, once the epidural was in it was all good from there! Wayne did such a great job, I couldn't feel the contractions, just pressure, and I could move my legs the whole time.

The nurse had me lay on my side/belly to try & get the baby to turn. I could actually feel her turning! After an hour or two of that, when they came to check me, I was at a "stretchy 5" and completely effaced. It all went quick from there. The nurses changed shifts, leaving Debbie to help with the labor & she was amazing! Such an energetic, sweet lady! And very motivational. They told me to rest for an hour or so so I'd have energy for pushing. By 7:20 I was ready to push. However, while pushing I spiked a fever. So I had to stop pushing for a while so Dr. McCune (our pediatrician) could come & talk to us. When a woman gets a fever in labor, she has to be put on antibiotics and the baby has to be taken within the hour after birth to be put on antibiotics as well. and they can't sleep with you in your room. This made me so sad. By now I was starting to feel the contractions somewhat. But I stayed on top of it with my handy pain button :) (Turns out I had no infection or illness, my fever went away as soon as labor was through. But they had to take precautions).

At 9:06 pm Kiera Leona was born, and she is so beautiful! Brett got the camera ready (and he helped me sooooo much during labor & pushing, he is the best husband ever! He was so excited to watch her be born! I don't know how women do it without their husbands he was amazing!). He was a proud Daddy right from the start. He even cut the cord. We let the family come in & see & hold her. Then everyone (except for me) including Kiera headed to the nursery. I felt ready to go & see her, but they made me wait 2 hours before getting up. In the meantime I texted everyone our good news, seeing as how I was all by myself.

I was actually able to pop right out of the bed, the nurse was pretty suprised. They'd also had me pump while I was sitting there, and when Brett came to walk me to the nursery he said, "She's really hungry! She's sucking her fingers & stuff!"

But when we went to go & see her, they told us they hadn't gotten the IV in yet & most parents don't like to watch that because it's mean & sad. So they said they'd call our room when they finally got one to work. They didn't call until 1am! Then I finally got to see our little princess again!

Because of the possibility of an infection, we had to wait for lab results. It was rough, not knowing if something was going to be wrong with her. We waited two days for lab results, and at one point of course I was crying because we had a scare with some of the results, but the next day they came back normal. We were told we'd probably be there until Thursday, so I went to boarder status on Monday night (I was discharged but could pay for a room to stay & nurse her). On top of all of that breastfeding was a real challenge. Monday we unexpectantly got good news, everything was normal with the labs. But then her jaundice level was now up. Which meant we again couldn't go hom. It's hard because you never expect to stay longer than your 24 hours or that something will actually be wrong with your new, precious little baby. She spent 2 days under the lights, I was with her in the nursery for most of everyday, and went to the nursery to try & nurse her throughout the night. But Tuesday night when we thought we had the possibility of going home, and were told once again we couldn't, I kinda had a come apart. So Brett took me out to dinner & shopping for a few hours inbetween nursing. Wednesday we were suprised to hearwe could finally bring our little monkey home! I called Brett at work, and told himhe could come & get us! We were so excited! 5 days in the hospital was plenty for us.

Of course once I got home with her & Brett returned to work I had a moment of panic, like how do I take care of you?! And we were still working on the breastfeeding with her. But one visit from the lactation consultant (Sue, she is so awesome!) and I was feeling better. Still scary and everytime I nurse even now I get proud of her for eating & cooperating.

Thursday she had her first Dr. appointment with Dr. Nelson (McCune is her actual pediactrician but he's out of town). She's doing good, but we just need to make sure she's gaining enough since she had problems feeding in the beggining.

Parenting is an adventure with something new everyday, I can't believe she's already over a week old. It makes me sad. Her actual due date was April 25th, which is this Sunday! She's beautiful, alert, calm, sweet and just generally a really good baby so far. Eating was our only issue & she gets better & better everyday! It's so amazing to see Brett with her, she's got him wrapped around her finger already. He is so sweet and gentle with her, almost too much so, afraid to hurt her. But she knows her Daddy and gets excited when he talks to her, or when we both hover over her, yeah it's aparent she's going to be way spoiled. We're so happy to finally have our little addition join us! We love her so so so much! She's got such a personality already, with her cute little smiles, which she has about 4 different ones. And she hardly hardly ever fusses, she's so content.

Brett is obsessed with the hair behind her ears, lol. It'll go away, just a little left over luango hair, but he thinks it's so funny & cute. He said take all the pictures you can, haha so this is for him. She's our little monkey.
Yup, still pretty fat, but I had to have a picture of her first walk anyway.
Brett took this picture of us while we were resting.

Tried to catch one of her smiles . . .

Love her cute ourfit? Good, because she pooped all over it & one of her blankets that night . . .