Saturday, December 5, 2009

Half Way

20 weeks pregnant tommorow so we are half way there! This last week I have been able to feel her more, she's getting stronger! Before it was more like bubbles, now she does little jabs too & I feel them more & more frequently. I especially can expect to feel them when I'm hungry or right after eating, and mainly when I am relaxing at home rather than running around at work. So exciting, sweet & strange feeling at the same time! I kinda jump everytime she does it! I am so excited for Brett to feel her someday too. Also, note the belly, it is popping more & more lately, yikes . . . but as long as she's growing I guess! Can't wait for our little princess girl to get here in April :) As for names, we've decided we're not saying anything until she is here. We're not set on any yet, might g & buy a baby name book . . .