Saturday, December 5, 2009

Half Way

20 weeks pregnant tommorow so we are half way there! This last week I have been able to feel her more, she's getting stronger! Before it was more like bubbles, now she does little jabs too & I feel them more & more frequently. I especially can expect to feel them when I'm hungry or right after eating, and mainly when I am relaxing at home rather than running around at work. So exciting, sweet & strange feeling at the same time! I kinda jump everytime she does it! I am so excited for Brett to feel her someday too. Also, note the belly, it is popping more & more lately, yikes . . . but as long as she's growing I guess! Can't wait for our little princess girl to get here in April :) As for names, we've decided we're not saying anything until she is here. We're not set on any yet, might g & buy a baby name book . . .

Monday, November 23, 2009

18 weeks

I almost forgot, here is a belly pic at 18 weeks, it's coming . . . lol

It's a . . .

GIRL!!! We went for our 18 week ultrasound today & found out we are having a baby girl! I always thought she was a girl, but everyone at work and everything thought it was boy, saying they knew it. And Brett comes from a family of all boys, so I tried to convince myself it was a boy too. But I thought it was a girl. Still, when the nurse told me there were 3 lines, and it was a girl, I was shocked. I asked if it really, really was. Our Dr. even said at our 14 week ultrasound that it looked boyish and might be a boy. We are so excited! And Brett's mom is so so excited, she finally has a little girl to spoil! I think Brett is a little concerned for our money though, he knows I will buy everything girly! We are going to have our Dr. confirm it again on Wednesday, but there was no doubt in the nurses voice . . . here are the pictures: Above you can see she's a girl.

Profile, if you look at her fingers it looks like she's making a peace sign. Profile, and you can see her spine too.
Above, you can see her leg.
Another girl picture.
Her lying on her side. This is her back. You can even see a little ear! And . . . her butt.
Her foot. She seemed to love to show them to us. She kept flinging them up to her mouth too, and reaching for them with her hands.
Some 3D pictures, the top one you can kinda see her little face. She's all skin & bones right now though, she hasn't fattened up yet!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The week before Halloween Brett & I carved our pumpkins . . . his is on the left & mine is on the right. Jewels basically just stalked us the entire time, and ended up getting away with some chunks of pumpkin. A few days after we did these, it snowed & they got all demented looking & mine lost some teeth. Here we are on Halloween. Brett has been wanting to get some cuts from the Halloween store & be something really creepy for the last couple of years, so he did that this year. At first he thought he could do it himself but something you should know about Brett, he never follows instructions, like, EVER. So he glued them on & the make-up & camoflauging was left up to me. It took hours! And even I was pretty impressed with how real it looked. Bretts grandma throws a little Halloween party every year so when little trick or treaters would come by they'd just stare and stare at him, I'll admit it was creepy. I was so glad when he washed all that stuff off! As for me & Jewels I made us some tutus, I was a witch, she was supposed to be put before I made her a hat we decided she probably wouldn't wear it anyway. So she ended up being some sort of goth ballerina or something?!Here's the little Fava family, lumberjacks! I thought it was pretty creative & cute! This is the best picture I could get, I think little Nicky was eating a cookie or something. Besides, I found out that night that many kids won't sit still for pictures, especially when hyped-up on sugar & excitement! Puppies too, for that matter.

Here's Brennan, Brett's cousins little boy. Originally he came as Spiderman, his mom painted his face so cute! But this is him in his pjs, running around with a broom & my witch hat. I heard at one point he was sporting an easter basket too, I suppose you could say he was a little holiday challenged that night, lol
After the family party (his grandma is so cute she bakes all these treats & gives everyone goodies. She even thought to make Jewels a little treat bag with doggy treats) Brett, Nick & Elle & I headed to another party. One of Vinny's neighbors throws a huge one every year, this year we decided to go. It was pretty fun!
And here's a belly picture at 15 weeks. I took it at Brett's grandmas house, I swear I am bigger at night, it's not as noticeable in the morning. But as you can see it is coming! I finally schedueled my ultrasound and it's for the Monday before Thanksgiving.
Also, I still haven't tried our new scanner yet, but hopefully I'll have the latest ultrasound picture up soon! It turned out cute, with the baby looking as us right as he took the picture!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Belated Big News

So, I'm going to post this, even though most everyone already knows, via word of mouth & facebook (my mother-in-law was excited & posted it pretty early, so I did the same). In late August, the night before Brett's birthday, we found out we are expecting a little baby in April! April 25th. We weren't really expecting it, and it take some getting used to, but we are so excited! Though it is nerveracking to wait! We hadn't been married quite a year even, but all the same we can't wait! My 10 week appointment was actually the day after our anniversary. It was so amazing to hear that fast little heart(at the time it was 189bpm) and see that little baby moving. Though I must confess that since my mother-in-law & I both work at the hospital we'd snuck 2 ultrasounds already. But this one was special because it looked more like a baby, and we could hear it's little heart together. I can't feel it moving yet, but they say that may come soon. As for sickness, yes I've been sick . . . but I am hoping to get better soon since I'm officially in my second trimester. Haven't gained any weight yet, actually lost about 8-10 pounds, but I'm sure the weight gaining is just around the corner! It's hard to think of gaining so much, but I have to remind myself it's for the baby. Monday I had my 2nd appointment, at 14 weeks, and I was actually lucky enough to get yet another ultrasound. And, the baby's heartbeat has slowed down quite a bit (which it's suppossed to by now) to 149bpm. Dr. Gatherum winked & said that's a boys heartbeat, I looked it up & it said above 140 is girl below is boy . . . we shall see! Janet (Brett's mom) came with me to this one to hear the heart, and during the ultrasound she asked if we could even see what the sex was. The baby has grown so much! I will post the newest picture as soon as I can figure out how to work our new scanner. Anyway, the doctor tried to see "the goods" but the baby had it's legs indian style and wouldn't open up! From what the Dr. saw he said it maybe, might look kinda boyish but not to buy clothes 'cause he can't tell. I looked that up too & it says boys & girls look the same at this stage, basically, so again we shall see! We are excited for whichever! Although Brett's mom has all boys so a lot of people are thinking that's what it'll be . . . but Brett & I can't agree on any boy names so I guess we better start trying harder! I get to really find out about 3 weeks from Sunday. Also, I am as of like this week, starting to get a little belly. It happens so fast, one day Brett just says, "Holy Crap it's bigger!" Yeah, thanks honey. My mom always said she didn't start showing until about 6 months, apparently not me. It's not too obvious yet with clothes, I still fit into all of my stuff, but by the time winter really hits I'm sure it'll be more obvious! Speaking of winter I hate driving in snow, hate being cold, yet love snow at the same time. I was excited for the snow this week! And I am so excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

First Anniversary

Last month, September 27th, was our first anniversary! A lot has happened in the past year, and it was a great first year. Our anniversary fell on a Sunday this year, so Friday night we celebrated. We ate at the Ninja, so yummy! The little boy sitting at our table was playing with his silverware, trying to be like the chef! Then we did something kinda childish & went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3d. Cute movie. Our anniversary present to ourselves was a new washer & dryer, we went & picked them out on Saturday. Our first house already had a washer & dyer, and in this new townhome we had a lovely wash room but no washer & dryer! So it was time to get a set! Sunday Brett's mom invited us over to her house for dinner to celebrate with family. They bought us a cake, as shown above. We also had our top teir from our wedding cake that had been frozzen ever since. Somehow, it wasn't as cute as a year ago, but still moist! We each ate a piece at home & then just threw the rest away, the fact that it was a year old didn't make me want to eat much of it! All in all a great year & we're looking forward to whatever comes next!

Didn't realize this picture was blurry, but it's the only one like it so oh well!

Unwrapping the top teir, which my father-in-law Chris wrapped to withstand a bombing, I swear! It was under layers & layers of plastic wrap & aluminum foil, he wasn't messing around! Pretty sure no air got in there!

Friday, July 17, 2009

And all I got . . .

Were these dorky shoes: So, today I told Brett that I needed to go shopping for some new shoes for my job. The little number you see above is what I am supposed to wear, I guess. I don't know, I just never fell into that trend, I don't love them on me. I feel kinda dorky. They are uber comfy though. But while shopping of course I tried on a dozen + other shoes . . . I have an addiction. But since Brett was with me I did good & only bought what I came for. Not to mention it sure helped that he ket reminding me just exactly why were out & about shopping. But my birthday is next week so I have been making sure to point out what I want, and my sizes . . . in everything from shoes to aprons to clothes . . . actually he can just get me gift cards. Or nothing at all I still love him, well him & those Steve Madden shoes I tried on today . . . Hello, my name is Shae Malachowski, and I am a shopaholic, as Brett makes sure to point out to me.

Also today we went on a very long hike/run/walk with Jewels which made us feel very good & tired! Except for of course Jewels she is still wired, I thought for sure it would wear her out! Brett even had the bright idea to climb up these off roading-made hills . . . there was so much gravel! I am such a chicken and it wasn't about the incline it was about all the gravel I am a clutz & knowing me I was sure to loose my footing and roll down the hill jack & jill style! Once we made it to the top though, that was a whole other story! The whole falling down the hill was the same, the fear greater. Brett kept telling me, "to just run down it, so I will not fall" HA. With so much loose gravel that it looks like a rock river, you expect me to "just run down it" without totally biffing it on my face? He then proceeded to run down it several times with Jewels in toe (I had her leash earlier but she got frustrated with me, she started barking to run down with Brett. Traitor) They were happy to show me about 3 times how I should just run down it. I considered going down on my butt, but who am I kidding that would hurt too. That sucker was steep. Oh, and let's not forget the creepy guy in the red shirt who was outside his door watching our every move, or the family sitting on their porch. What a view. And Brett made sure to point them out and how they probably thought I was retarded. Well I would look retarded even more so falling down the dang thing. In the end, after watchig the impressive though not too convincing demonstrations, I opted for an alternate route, side stepped most the way down & 3 feet from the bottom, "ran down it". And creeper guy in the red shirt was watching all the while. Hello, my name is Shae and I am also a woose . . .

On the way home we got an icee, counter-productive? I felt bad for the poor girl . . . she can't have been getting too many orders all the way our there, it was in a random spot! It's across from Fiddlers movie theater & that car wash. They should have put it by Wal-Mart not to mention she was basically sweating to death. The Icee stand was actually my very frist job, but this gal had a fan, and a tv with a dvd player! Oh, and we found out that she is only going to be a Junior in high school and the brand new yellow chevy cobalt was thanks to her "daddy". Right about then I started to not feel quite so bad for her :)

But, it was a fun walk! Jewels made some mexican friends by the park & got some cat-calls from numerous dogs in the backs of trucks. And behind fences. And she even got to play in the gutter with the running water, which she tried to chase! Oh boy, I feel a bath time coming on . . .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Couple Survey

This is kinda long but fun to do. I tag anyone who wants to play, and like I said it is long but fun to look back on your relationship together!

1.) Your names: Brett Christian & Shae Marie Malachowski

2.) How long have you been together?: 2 years & 7 months

3.) Are you married?: Yup, 10 months now.

4.) What's the dumbest thing you've ever fought about?: We've fought about a LOT of dumb things, but a frequent one is probably dinner, like when I really really don't want to cook, but don't want him to because I'm a freak about raw meat, so we then bicker for about 30 minutes me begging to pick something up, him trying to convice me to just eat something at home. I usually win :)

5.) What was the first thing you bought for each other?: I bought Brett a lap desk, a sketch pad (where I wrote a note with pictures) and artisit pencils (& a planner he never used)before he left for school. The first thing Brett ever got for me (we had to think together on this) was my Valentine roses, and not just any roses, he went the floral shop & went all out on way expensive ones! The tag said, "Remember Shae, every kiss begins with Kay"(inside joke) but no jewlery lol (we started dating in January)

6.) Where was your first date?: Brunos, & then he brought me home to his family while we waited for our movie. His parents lived a few miles out of town in Spring Creek, so he took a back road, and I didn't know him yet, and I remember being freaked out thinking he was going to like, murder me or something lol so I remember saying something like, "You're not going to like kill me out here, right? I don't believe you, I thought you said you lived in Cedar . . ." Well I am still alive! The movie we saw at the good 'ol Stadium 8 was, "Blood Diamond".

7.) What was the first movie you watched together?: Blood Diamond ^

8.) Do you remember your first kiss?: Oh yes, lol. On one of our early dates I thought for sure he was going to kiss me, he was hugging me and just standing there, how awkward! And he was like doing this weird sway thing, while hugging me. It went on for a few minutes, and he must have been nervous because he was like, "You're really bendy" What? So after he left I texted him saying "What's the matter, didn't want to kiss me?" Turns out he was going to, but didn't 'cause he had gum in his mouth & couldn't decide what to do with it, lol. On his way home that night he felt so dumb about it he sped home & got pulled over! But no ticket! He said he always felt like that was his punishment for not kissing me! The next day, he didn't kiss me all day and just was holding my hand & stuff, and RIGHT before he left he was all, "So are you going to kiss me?" And we did :)

.9.) Who asked who out?: Brett

10.) Was it love at first sight?: For him, yeah but I took a while longer :) Had too many dumb boyfriends :)

11.) Do you believe you are soul mates?: Sure do!

12.) When was the last time you saw each other?: Right now lol, the joys of being married, you sell each other all the time!

13.) Last time you talked on the phone?: This afternoon

14.) Last time you talked on the net?: How about never? And he doesn't text either!

15.) Your favorite memory?: Hot-tubbing when were first dating in sub-zero winter weather! And going to the store because I just had to buy juice afterwards, with our hair wet! Speaking f, it would be so cold the tips of my hair & Brett's spikey hair would freeze! And then of course, our wedding :) I will never forget seeing him at the end of the aisle, I thought he wasn't going to show (just 'cause I worry all the time!), I was shaking so bad!

16.) Whats the sweetest thing youve ever done for each other?: Brett is actually sweet all of the time, not so much in the way of buying flowers everyday, but he is just really caring with me & does stuff for me constantly, even when I am a total brat. I love him so much, he's just extra sweet with me. As for me, I used to leave him notes all the time, (need to start again!) and for holidays I try really hard to get him the perfect gifts, and I make stuff for him too. Like a blanket, a canvas . . .

17.) When did you first say "I love you"?: Well I am pretty sure we had both been feeling it for a while, but I wasn't about to tell him first! I am stubborn that way! SO after kissing me one night, he just sorta pulled away from my face and said it, and then hugged me.

18.) What are your "pet names" for each other?: I call him honey, he calls me, "Shae Marie" to the tune of "Sherri Baby"

19.) do you think your significant other is the one?: Well, obviously

20.) How many times a day do you kiss?: Not sure . . .

21.) Do you hold hands?: Yeah, not as much as we used to though.

22.) Favorite feature? I just love him, lots! He is handsome :) and sweet

23.) How long do you think you'll be together?: Forever and a day

24.) What's the longest you've ever been apart?: A week when he went to the River with his family when we were first dating.

25.) Have you ever broken up?: No, but we have def. had our bad fights!

26.) Would you like to have children together? If yes, how many?: We sure do! We go back & forth between 2 & 3. I always hope for twins :) I am a tad crazy

27.) What reminds you of your sweetie?: When I read books, like TwiLight because they are in love ha, basically all day long something will remind me of him, and a certain actor but I can't remember at the moment!

28.) Do you have a special song?: "Pretty Lady" by Kalai was our wedding song, and "Midnight Train" by Journey, no reason we just love it

29.) stayed out together 'til the sun came up?: Yeah we road-tripped from Northern Cali home to Utah! In one night! We always have grand plans of pulling movie all-nighters but I ruin it by getting tired & falling asleep.

30.) Skipped work just to be together?: Um, no? We need money, who does that?

31.) Stayed up all night watching movies together?: See #29

32.) Gone on vacation together?: Uh huh, it's a favorite of ours! The annual River trip, Monster Jam, Oralndo, Cali, Up North ect.

33.) Fell asleep in each others arms?: All the time. On the couch, we fall asleep together a lot. We lalso ike to take Sunday naps on the couch :) And most nights Brett will cuddle me in bed too.

34.) Got caught daydreaming about each other?: Sure :)

35.) Stared at each other smiling?: Sure, glaring too :)

36.) Say something disgustingly mooshy: I love Brett so much, and I am so happy we are together! LOVE him so much sometimes I call him while he's on the job just to tell him!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lots of Changes!

SO! Brett & I have been going through some changes lately! A big one being that we just moved into a brand new town home on July 2nd. And we love it! It is so wonderful not to be elbow to elbow with each other! Our first married house was SUPER tiny. Literally no room to walk, one bathroom, but we were happy just to be with each other! And now we are happy for more space! Our new house has three bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, a beautiful kitchen & a fun, young neighborhood. And so much more storage! I will post pictures later, when it is all put together & looking cuter. And, oh yeah, it is right next to the hospital. Which is another one of our recent "changes" . . .

I got a new job! I was working at Comforts of Home, a local home decor store (kinda similar to Tai Pan, only not huge, not cheap and not as amazing!). I love Bullochs, (the Drug Store that also owns my home decor store), I will so miss all of my friends there, the discount, and seeing all the new merchandise. I'm actually a certfied phlebotomist (people who draw blood) but haven't been able to find a job doing that. So I was staing at Bullochs, but, I just wasn't full time, and had no benefits, and it just wasn't a "forever" job. So about a month ago I applied at Valley View for a Central Processing Tech job. They clean, sterilize, package all of the surgical insruments. AND you get to watch some of the surgeries. Well I didn't hear anything for weeks, and then I got called for an interview for last week. Turns out the manager had gone on vacation! I went to my interview and thought I really sucked, and couldn't sleep the night after, I thought I did so bad. But a few days later, I got a call saying I got it! I am so excited, and yes, I know I am very blessed, fortunate to have gotten it. HR told me that there was a pretty big pool of people going for it. And, as a lot of you may know, my mother-in-law works there. But that is not entirely why I got it. Keep in mind I had to interview fr myself! It is full time, and much more than Bullochs, and benefits, which is awesome. I am stoked to learn something new, I can even get certified. I just went to my orientation today & let me tell you, Intermountain seems like a really wonderful place to work, it was neat to learn about the history. And they really take care of their employees. I am hoping this job leads to even bigger and better things, and because they offer tuition reimbursement, I can also go back to school for Surgical Tech, which I have been interseted in. And, this job opens a door for Scrub Tech because I will get to learn a lot of stuff that they do too. Anyway, just wanted to share the good news! And if not share at least document it in our "journal". All for now, wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So recently I have come across a bunch of coupon/freebie/deal blogs & websites. If you haven't looked at stuff like this, go, now! It is pretty amazing, I have yet to try it (a lot of the deals require using two coupons, which I never knew but most stores let you?) but I am excited to try my hand at it the next time we go shopping! If you're interested, the links are on here, under, "show me the money". Oh, but the one thing I did try was the ziploc one, seriously all I had to do was put in the address I wanted it shipped to, (NO email, phone number, card, sing-up for membership . . .) and within the next 4-6 weeks I am supossed to recieve a 50 pack of ziploc bags & a fresh seal container. Let's see if it's all a hype!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Our little puppy, Jewels. Her birthday is February 9, of this year & we got her almost exactly 2 months later. She's the first little addition to our family & we just love her. We got her from Brett's Aunt Julie, and when she was offered we actually went home without her. It took the whole next day of me begging & telling Brett it wasn't such a big deal, and if you have read previous posts you know I have been asking him for a puppy forever. Brett was just scared, really. Well we finally went to get her & she stole Brett's heart almost right away. I often remind him how he once said, "I just don't want a little puppy running around here." The next couple of weeks were a little tough, waking up with her in the middle of the night (puppies can supposedly be a little bit like new borns, I'm told), but I didn't even care. Little Jewelzie has grown up so fast & I didn't even notice! Looking at some of these pictures from just a few months ago, I can see the changes. She is no longer quite as fuzzy, both ears have perked up (they were half perked when we got her, so cute. They went from that to one up one down). Also, she isn't pudgy like she was when she was super little. She has such a funny little personality, she knows the word "No" and is usually pretty darn good, but will also "tell you off" if she doesn't want you tell her no. She is a very quick learner. And she can play a little too rough sometimes! She also has "little dog syndrome", she doesn't always seem to get how small she is. She often, well all the time, is jumping on her little hind legs, usually to try to see things, or just for no reason at all. She really loves lying on the top of our couch to look out the window & wait for Brett to come home. She has fallen off the couch before with excitement because she saw his car! & nestling her little body or nose into small places. She used to be afraid of stairs but loves them now & is always trying to find a way to run up them. She LOVES kids & meeting new people, everyone that comes to the door, even if it is the "cleaner salesmen", mailman, whoever she thinks they her best friend. She is so good with not begging for food too much! She gets frustrated and will let out a bark every now and then, but tries so hard to stay back, away from the food. She gets car sick & alergies. She her weekly bath & blow-dry (I have to, I won't have my house smell like wet Jewelzie!) She loves cuddling and nestling her body & nose in small places. She loves to scurry underneath small places such as trunks, the bed, anything she can work her way under, almost like it's a playhouse. She even seems to enoy being zipped up in my jacket. She follows us both around the house, our little shadow, and yells at me when I come out of the bathroom 'cause I wouldn't let her in. She is so attachted to Brett, when she was little we had a baby gate in our old house to block of the living room, so that we could keep an eye on her. Brett would come home, step over the gate, and there she would wait crying, jumping & whining for her pal to come & say hello to her. As a matter of fact the two of them are napping together right now. She loves belly rubs too. Sometimes we aren't sure weather she is a cat(she makes wierd whiney noises resembling a meow), bunny(she hops constantly), mouse or dog, but we just love her, all 2 & 1/2 lbs of her!

No this is not her puppy purse, I just put her in mine to see if she'd stay

Blurry, I know but this is her trying to run up the stairs at our new house.

Bundled up like a burrito, snuggling. She actually thinks this huge down blanket is hers, and freaks out jumping all over it whenever we get it out.

Yes we were finished with the box!

Sometimes she gets a little bit picked on & dressed up when we get antsy waiting for Brett to stop doign weights.

She really loved that duck.

Mister, "I really don't want a puppy."

She really just like to try to rip her scarf, not wear it.

But it sure is cute, when I can get it on her.

That duck used to be bigger than her! She thought it was her buddy, and I am not lying I SWEAR she used to hump it! Honest! We had to get rid of her best friend because he was all torn-up & she started to eat the cotton. Bye, lover.

Also, she thinks she is way viscious. She hates it when I clap, I dont really know why, but it is really funny.

See how pudgy she was!

Very first picture. I had her wrapped in a towel on the way home because I was so afraid she would pee on me lol

Take me out to . . .

The Ball Game! A couple of months ago Janet asked Brett & I if we'd like to go to a Dodgers game in Cali. I have never been to a major league game, so of course we said yes! The trip doubled as a visit to Brett's Grandma Barbara too.

*I am having trouble placing pics so you will have to scroll down to see them*

We were a little concerned about bringing Jewels, in the months before the game we were hoping she'd be potty-trianed fully so we could bring her. Well she had it down pretty good come June so she got to come! I will admit she gets car-sick, so the vet gave us some pills, but I just didn't want to drug her unless she was miserable. Plus you have to like fast the puppy for 2 hours so we decided to see how she'd do without it. I put her in her little bed, in the back seat, and she just kinda laid down, for a while. But right before Mequitte she puked. And I know this sounds gross, but she didn't eat it, either (usually they do). So come the next rest stop, I was scrubbing a doggy bed and trying to give little Jewels water. I felt so bad for her. After that she did absolutely wonnderful, she didn't go to the bathroom at all (it was like she was in hibernation) and she jst slept on my lap the entire drive. I swear 90% of the time she really is the best little dog. Oh, and I don't wish to have the nick-name "Paris" but I bought a little puppy bag to put her in. I never thought I would put a puppy in a bag but seriously, it is WAY handy. On the way we stopped at Del Taco (Brett's parents stopped too) and brought her in in her bag. It is kinda discreet, except when she pokes her head or butt out lol. So Janet came over to Brett & was like, "You can't have her in here!"laughing her head off. But I told her people bring their dogs through Bullochs all the time & if they ask us to take her outside we will, but we were in Baker & I wasn't about to leave her in a hot car. It was pretty funn though, 'cause I think Jewels has intuition, she really looked like she was trying to be good & keep her head down. No one said anything, and she just sat at my feet while we ate.

Once we got to Brett's grandmas it was really fun. She is so sweet, she was actually flying back from Florida as we made our way to California, yet she still found time to make up all of the beds a week in advance so it'd all be ready when we got there.

OH and they have a huge black lab named Charly, and Jewels is so afraid of dogs. People, she will meet & greet, just loves anyone who comes to the door & thinks they are there to see her. Dogs, forget it, she will cry. After weeks of being a chicken she had just gotten used to Brett's family dog, a yellow lab, Shanai who is about 12 years old. She frequently chases her around the house barking & taunting, begging to play (and Jewels is a 2.5 lb Chihuahua mix). But Shanai is just too old. So we thought she'd be scared of Charly too, and Janet & Brandma Barbara thought Charly might try to eat her, and she was scared, at first. But the next day they were the best of friends, chasing each other everywhere. Until Jewels would decide she was sick of him smelling her & tease & dive somewhere she knew he couldn't fit, or job on the couch, as if to say, "Ha ha". It was just like a baby sister & big brother, 85 lb. Charly just couldn't understand why he couldn't get on the couch too, and would try. Jewels is such a little instigator, she would actually sit on someone's lap & paw his face and snap. Brave little dog.

Also apparently a lot of "gang-banging" has been going on in the parking lots of the games, and I was so scared! So I asked Brett's mom if we could ride with them to the actual game. Hello it is in LA! Brett's brother Matt thinks I'm kinda a freak, and maybe I am, but I just can't help it! As we got out of the Denali I was like "Hope your rims are still here when we get back." And Brett's response was, "You have to take off the wheels to that on this car, the wheels & the rim are the same thing." Which made me feel pretty dumb.

But anyway . . .The baseball game was a lot funner than I thought it would be, it is so much different to be there in person! And we saw a classic ball-game proposal . . . during the "kiss me" stuff . . . so cute! We of course ate "Dodger Dogs", but sadly our weren't grilled all the way. I didn't know that was the norm until hours after we had had ours, and I looked over and saw another person's, and theirs looked way better. But oh well you have to have a hot dog at a baseball game! Sadly, the team we were there for lost, but it was still fun! Oh, and Brett's grandma made a HUGE breakfast (she always does) the morning of the game, so yummy!

Don't mind the sick glasses, I had ordered my contacts like a week before and do you think they got here in the "two-three days"? Nope.


Brett's family, they had way closer, way more expensive seats then us, but we were happy anyway :) At least we could see the whole game without binoculars & could read the score! ha
Dodger dogs . . .The crazy-busy traffice on the way out of the parking lot afterwards. Looks like Christmas.
Jewels cooped up in Charly's ginormous cage while we ate breakfast. No, Charly is not in there too.